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Agrimly is a dedicated platform of online education for all agriculture students community in both Hindi and English Language. We provide guidance, career counselling, coaching classes (online and offline), online tests, reading materials (books, notes and digital contents) for different agriculture related exams like ICAR CUET UG, CUET PG,  ICAR PG JRF, ICAR SRF, ASRB NET-ARS, SAU's UG & PG Entrance, UPSC/PSC Agriculture Optional, IBPS AFO, NABARD, FCI, CCI,NSC, ADO/ADA/ADH/AAO/AO/RAEO/RHEO etc. We also provide online and live classes and study materials for different courses of BSc and MSc as per syllabus recommended by Fifth Deans ICAR Committee Report. Read More


AI-powered smart learning

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AI-Powered Smart Classes

Get AI-based smart learning experiences of agriculture by India's top experienced educators with smart lectures having enhanced visuals to facilitate deeper understanding and engagement prepared using cutting-edge AI technologies, to deliver the best possible learning experience to our students.

AI-Powered Smart eBooks

Get smart ebooks and notes of lectures prepared by top analysts and educators, well designed using AI machines, which analyze previous year question papers to ensure that our students are well-prepared for the exams.

AI-Powered Smart Test Ques.

Get smart test and quizzes online of topic wise and full length prepared by top analysts and educators, well designed while analyzing previous year question papers using AI machines to ensure that our students are well-prepared for the exams.

AI-Powered Smart Classes 

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(Online & Recorded Videos)

Online eBooks 

(Read eBooks, eNotes & PDFs Online)

Online Tests 

(Practice Tests, MCQs & PYQs)

Books and Notes 

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Founder Team 


Ex-Scientist (ICAR), Founder (Agrimly)

CEO & Co-Founder (Agrimly), NET (AGRO)


Priyanjali Sharma, Gwalior 

"I have been using the Agrimly app for a few months now, and it has significantly improved my understanding of complex agricultural concepts. The mock tests and study materials are top-notch!"

Rajesh Singh, Patna

"The variety of courses offered on Agrimly is impressive. The mock tests have helped me assess my preparation level, and the eBooks provide in-depth knowledge on various topics. Agrimly is a must-have for all agriculture students!"

Arjun Reddy, Hyderabad 

"Agrimly has provided me with the best study resources for my agricultural exams. The courses are well-organized, and the practice tests are very helpful. The eBooks are a great addition to my study material."

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